Working Paper:

Switching Costs, Brand Premia and Behavioral Pricing in the Pharmaceutical Market (Download) (Online Appendix)
[Unicredit & Universities Best Job Market Paper Award, November 2018]

Price Dynamics of Swedish Pharmaceuticals (Download) (Online Appendix)
[Rising Star Session, EARIE 2018]

[Best Paper Award, RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics 2018]

Does a district-vote matter for the behavior of politicians? A textual analysis of parliamentary speeches (Download)
(Together with Andreas Born)

Pregnancy and Alcohol Purchases: Evidence from Scanner Data (SSRN)
(Together with Elle Parslow)

Does Precise Case Information Limit Precautionary Behavior? Evidence from COVID-19 in Singapore (SSRN)
(Together with Matthew Shapiro)


Work in Progress:

Obfuscation and Rational Inattention
(Together with Johannes Kasinger)

Retail Pharmacies and Drug Diversion during the Opioid Epidemic
(Together with Xuan Zhang)