Working Paper:

Switching Costs, Brand Premia and Behavioral Pricing in the Pharmaceutical Market (Download) (Online Appendix)
[Unicredit & Universities Best Job Market Paper Award, November 2018]
[R&R, The Economic Journal]

Price Dynamics of Swedish Pharmaceuticals (Download) (Online Appendix)
[Rising Star Session, EARIE 2018]
[Best Paper Award, RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics 2018]

Does a district-vote matter for the behavior of politicians? A textual analysis of parliamentary speeches (Download)
(Together with Andreas Born)
[R&R, European Journal of Political Economy]

Pregnancy and Alcohol Purchases: Evidence from Scanner Data (SSRN)
(Together with Elle Parslow)
[Forthcoming, Health Economics]

Does Precise Case Information Limit Precautionary Behavior? Evidence from COVID-19 in Singapore (SSRN)
(Together with Matthew Shapiro)

Retail Pharmacies and Drug Diversion during the Opioid Epidemic (Download)
(Together with Xuan Zhang)

Obfuscation and Rational Inattention (Download)
(Together with Johannes Kasinger)

Work in Progress:

Innovation Adoption and Competition: Evidence
from Upstream Oil & Gas
(Together with Michele Fioretti, Alessandro Iaria, and Clément Mazet)

Search Costs in the Mutual Fund Industry
(Together with Jurre Thiel)